Sony Haunts With A New Exclusive Titled Until Dawn

Today, Sony announced a new exclusive titled Until Dawn, a game that bears a striking resemblance to old-school horror flicks, complete with angsty teens, a seemingly abandoned cabin and a night dying to be remembered.

The story starts off as any classic horror film would: a group of classmates visit the site where their friend mysteriously disappeared in order to purge away their inner demons, but something goes awry and the game begins. Complete with no contact to the outside world, the player takes the role of multiple characters in the game – how the story will unfold, however, will be unique to each person.

The game will exclusively utilize the PlayStation Move, which in turn will serve as the character’s hands – for example, holding a flashlight. This brings a whole new meaning to a “horrific” experience as the player will get to experience things firsthand and in first-person.

The trailer, shown at Gamescom, starts off with a young man and a young woman attempting to engage in “extracurricular” activities. Their party is interrupted by a strange sound coming from outside the cabin, followed by a drastic change of mood as snippets of gameplay are shown. Intertwined with dire music, disturbing images are shown in conjunction with a feeling of survival and horror. It’s clear that the folks over at Supermassive Games mean “get ready to be scared” when they say it.

Though Until Dawn is still awaiting the sunrise, the shown trailer will no doubt instill a feeling of nostalgia. Little else can be said at this time, but if this game turns out to be everything that is promised, expect teen horror flicks to receive a jump in sales.

Source: Playstation Blog