Sony Officially Announces PlayStation 4 Slim


After a lot of teases, rumors, and hardware leaks, Sony has officially unveiled the newest iteration of the ‘standard’ PlayStation 4 hardware, dubbed the PlayStation 4 Slim.

Announced at today’s PlayStation Meeting, which is being held in New York, CEO and Global President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, showed off the first official look at the upcoming hardware revision. As you might imagine, the internal hardware of this slimmer console is largely the same as the standard PlayStation 4, although the newer system is said to feature 5 GHz/Wireless AC capabilities, as well as a overall quieter noise level.

We’ll have more news about the PlayStation 4 Slim in the near future, but if you’re keen on picking up one for yourself, you won’t have to wait much longer. The PlayStation 4 Slim is set to release next week on September 15, and based on what was discussed at the PlayStation Meeting, the new console will replace the older hardware as the ‘standard’ SKU moving forward. To top it all off, it will retail for a fairly low price of $299.