New Sony PlayStation State Of Play Broadcast Airing Tomorrow

Image via Playstation

PlayStation fans can finally look forward to some official updates on Sony’s upcoming plans for both consoles later this week. As confirmed by the platform holder earlier today, Thursday’s (July 8th) State of Play is scheduled to kick off at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET/10 pm BST and be available to watch for free on the usual platforms, including Twitch and YouTube.

As for what those tuning in can expect to catch a glimpse of, it would as seem as though this particular show is dedicated almost wholesale to demoing Arkane Studios’ Deathloop. A PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive, the first-person action-adventure title has been present several times before in previous broadcasts, though this occasion will be markedly different. An accompanying blog post promises to provide around 9 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay featuring protagonist and assassin Colt using the various tools at their disposal to escape Blackreef Island.

Ghost of Tsushima

As for the remaining 20 minutes, Sony says they’ll be dedicated to third-party indie titles, though no specifics beyond that are provided.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping this would be the venue for Santa Monica to provide a long-awaited update on God of War: Ragnarok‘s development or Guerilla Games’ impressive-looking Horizon Forbidden West, it’s a good idea to check those expectations at the door. Neither will be present during the stream nor will the next generation of PlayStation VR. On the plus side, Sony affirms that this is but the first of likely many such shows due to take place during the summer, so if your personal most anticipated release misses the train this time around, worry not. There’s still plenty of opportunities to come, so watch this space.