Sony Registers PlayStation All-Stars Domain

Remember a while back when I speculated that a Sony crossover fighter not unlike Nintendo‘s Super Smash Bros. could work really well? And then a few months later when it looked like it might actually happen? Well more evidence points to the game actually being a thing, according to a new website domain name registered by Sony themselves.

They’ve registered a domain called “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.” Flows off the tongue, doesn’t it? Read it again, kids. That is NINE syllables right there. That’s almost as bad as El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. That’s gonna be really freakin’ hard to cram on a box.

Here’s what I think though. I think Sony is planning an overall group of crossover first-party games, and PlayStation All-Stars is the overall title. Battle Royale will be the fighting game. PlayStation All-Stars: Kart Racing will be the crossover racing game. PlayStation All-Stars: Sports Pro will be the inevitable tennis, golf and baseball spinoffs. PlayStation All-Stars: Mario Party Clone will be the board game filled with minigames that don’t require any actual skill. I can see it now.

Whatever is happening here, I really hope Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain makes it into the game. His fatality/final smash would be yelling “JASON!” so loud his opponent’s head explodes.

Seriously, someone stop me from making these horrible jokes.