Sony To Release PS Move Controller Bundle For The PSVR


Gamers looking for the most authentic VR experiences this year are going to need to stock up on some new high tech gear. Luckily for the Playstation fans, Sony is looking to make that a little easier with their PS Move Controller Bundle.

The Move controllers are available now and have been for years, but for those procrastinators out there, Sony will be releasing a pair of the motion capturing controllers bundled together in time for the VR’s October 13th launch. At a reported price of $99 USD, the bundle reflects Sonys determination to keep the PSVR the most affordable option around.

While most games will be compatible with a standard dualshock controller, those looking to play VR as it’s meant to be played are going to need to invest in a little hardware. And really, why wouldn’t you? The whole point of playing a VR game is to feel as immersed in a digital environment as possible. The effect will be fundamentally limited if you’re laying on your couch with your thumb on the analog sticks. The Playstation Move controllers are a necessary expense for those who truly want to lose themselves in their games.

So, come October, if you haven’t already invested in a move, keep an eye out for the PS Move Controller Bundle.