New Soulcalibur V Trailer Shows Off Its Characters, DLC Announced

A tale of souls and swords is only a few days away from opening a new chapter with Soulcalibur V on Tuesday. With the release coming, Namco has unleashed one more trailer to get you excited, showing off some of the most powerful fighters in the game.

The trailer brings focus to the king of all that is everything, Algol, the guy who looks like me in 40 years with a katana Edgemaster, and teasing the character creation tools to make Tekken‘s Devil Jin. But you get a quick look at (almost) all of the characters at the end of the trailer.

See for yourself:

[Sorry, the video is currently unavailable]

They’re certainly taking a cinematic feel with this one. Although, I’m slightly depressed that the announcer has gotten less and less enthusiastic with each game. Towards the beginning of the series he really put some power behind his “SOULCALIBUR.” Now, not so much.

Namco has also announced DLC coming for the game quickly after launch. How quickly? Well the first pack will hit Europe on February 3, so pretty darn quick.

The DLC will come in three packs, each 160 MSP or $2. The packs will feature extra customization options for the game’s character creation tools such as animal parts, wings, bikinis and army gear. Each pack will also include music from some of the previous games in the series.

Me? I’m still waiting for more Star Wars characters. But not really. That was a horrible idea.

What say you, gamers? What character will you use?