Splinter Cell: Blacklist Unveils A More Informative E3 Trailer

Ubisoft have re-released their Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer from E3, having added more information about the game to it.

The CGI trailer shows a nimble Sam Fisher infiltrating a compound that is holding a new member of the recently established 4th Echelon. Information boxes pop up throughout, giving details on members of the team such as long time ally Anna “Grim” Grimsdottir.

Also shown is newcomer Isaac Briggs, a CIA analyst who’s a master of spycraft, weaponry and combat. These info boxes also establish that many of Sam’s old tricks from previous games will be making a return, albeit in revamped ways that accommodate the much more athletic Fisher.

The trailer shows Fisher commanding a team for the first time. That means doing things his way which, by the looks of it, means that the action will be more explosive than ever. Fisher is incredibly agile and moves quickly to dispatch his foes. This was something that was seen prominently in the previous entry in the series, Splinter Cell: Conviction.

This is only a CGI trailer and no actual game footage is shown but Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks set to be another promising addition to this long-running series.

You can expect to fill Sam Fisher’s well-worn boots in March 2013.

Source: VG247