Splinter Cell HD Collection Confirmed For 2011

We can stop speculating and silently praying before we turn the turn the lights off and go to sleep now, as Ubisoft have finally given an official listing for the Splinter Cell Collection coming to the PS3. It is planned to retail for £20.42 for the original three titles (Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory).

No further details have been released by Ubisoft, but the news that the old school Sam Fisher will be gracing our screens with his shadowy and stealthy presence has made my day. An HD re-mastering will no doubt make the tension of firing a sticky cam whilst hanging upside down on a pipe even more exhilarating.

Amazon and Zavvi had both previously listed the Collection for pre-order a while back, but until now Ubisoft have sidestepped questions about it. I’m just crossing my fingers that the online play will be included…and idly wondering when the Xbox is going to get its announcement for the package.