SpyParty Sneaks Into Open Beta


Potential spies take note as SpyParty has officially begun its open beta. The indie game has been in development for the past three years and was conceptualized and developed by Chris Hecker, a long time programming veteran in the video game industry. Players looking to gain access to the beta have to pay a fee of fifteen dollars which will also entitle them to a copy of the game when it is ultimately released.

SpyParty itself is a fascinating take on the Turing Test and is based entirely around behavior and observation. In a match, two players are pitted against one another in a spy versus sniper scenario. Each round takes place in an elegant dinner party; the spy is tasked with a series of objectives to complete in a set amount of time. While the spy is attempting to complete their mission, the sniper watches the party from afar through various windows armed with a laser sighted rifle with a single shot. For the sniper to win, they must correctly guess which person amidst a crowd of artificially controlled party-goers is the spy.  This means that, in order to blend in and not be detected, the spy must act like they are an AI. This intriguing game is a must play for anyone interested in social experiments and intense psychological warfare.

When the game was shown at GDC back in 2009 it quickly turned heads with its fascinating gameplay and simple premise. While SpyParty is still quite rough looking as it is still in beta, the final art concepts shown by Hecker and his team showcase a rich style that seems to blend perfectly with the look of an old time spy movie. Currently, there is no set release date but the open beta seems to indicate that the game is nearing completion.

Anyone interested in playing and supporting such a unique experience like SpyParty can join the beta here.