All The Bravest Domains And Trademarks Registered By Square Enix

If domain and trademark registrations are anything to go by, Square Enix could be developing a video game called All the Bravest.

Fusible is reporting that the Japan-based publisher registered the domain names and last week (via the domain management company Thomson Brandy), and filed a trademark for All the Bravest in Europe. So far it does not appear that the name has been trademarked in the U.S..

The European trademark mentions that Square Enix plans to use the name for “computer game software, video game software”, but also brings up the exciting possibility of All the Bravest branded mouse pads, mobile phone straps, sunglasses, and stickers.

What this all means is that we have no idea what the All the Bravest game will be, however, we do have a list of all the swag that Square Enix is planning to throw at us and stuff inside the collector’s edition box.

Source: Fusible