Square Enix Says More Than One Million Copies Of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Have Been Shipped


Square Enix has confirmed that its recent re-release Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has now sold more than one million copies worldwide since it released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One late last month.

While impressive, it should be noted that this figure represents the number of physical copies sent to retailers, rather than sold through to consumers. Still, it shows that there is evidently a market demand for Type-0 HD, and it’ll be interesting to see its actual sale figures further down the line.

Without doubt, what helped make this feat a reality was Square’s somewhat controversial decision to bundle an early demo for Final Fantasy XV – entitled Episode Duscae – in with the current-gen release of the cult PSP title. You see, in order to access the vertical slice, players had to purchase a copy of Type-0 HD, and Square has no plans to release the experience as a standalone property.

In our review, we found the game to be good overall, but hamstrung by some issues that held it back from being a truly memorable remaster.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD certainly has some flaws, but it’s still an interesting and surprisingly deep spinoff that fans of the series should check out.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is available now across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those looking to leave their feedback on the recent Episode Duscae demo for Final Fantasy XV have until May 19 to submit their thoughts on the vertical slice.

Finally, as a thank you to fans of both Type-0 HD and the forthcoming numerical installment, Square released the following photo.