Star Wars Battlefront Gets The Live-Action Treatment With Nostalgic Trailer


We’re edging closer and closer to the release of Star Wars Battlefront, and EA has now unveiled a live-action trailer for DICE’s licensed shooter in anticipation of November 17.

Opening with a shot of a humdrum office, the sizzle reel centers on your Average Joe, disillusioned with the daily grind and dreaming of a galaxy far, far away. But before that, the studio plays the nostalgia card, rolling out a series of vignettes that are essentially designed to show the life and times of growing up as a Star Wars fan. It’s filmed through rose-tinted glasses, of course, but there’s no denying the production values and sense of style to Battlefront‘s live-action teaser, and it’s one that has yet more excited for the shooter’s arrival next month.

Arriving not long after the game’s high-profile beta test – one which attracted a staggering 9 million participantsStar Wars Battlefront is now very much on the home straight to going gold and being shipped to retail stores worldwide. During which time we expect a healthy amount of clips and teaser trumpeting the game’s arrival, with EA keen to dump resources into its third-party relations as it looks to lock down the majority of the mindshare for DICE’s über-realistic title.

In related news, last week brought news of a $50 season pass for the sci-fi shooter. Controversial though they may be – particularly when it’s announced prior to a game’s launch – Star Wars Battlefront‘s season pass grants access to the four standalone DLC packs that are planned, while unlocking a special “shoot first” emote in reference to the by-now infamous encounter between Han Solo and Greedo.

Ready your Lightsabers and fire up those X-Wings, Star Wars Battlefront is primed to launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17.