Watch: Star Wars: Republic Commando Trailer Reveals Switch And PS4 Release

star wars republic commando

Recent leaks involving ports of classic games set in a galaxy far, far away have once again proven to be 100% correct.

2005’s cult first-person shooter, Star Wars: Republic Commando, is now officially headed to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the near future. Confirmed earlier today by Aspyr with a new trailer, the port will allow fans of Delta Squad to take a trip down memory lane come this spring and while this isn’t a remake by any stretch of the imagination, the developer has outlined that folks who played the original can look forward to a series of optimizations and improvements to account for modern expectations.

Chief among those changes is a revised control scheme for both platforms in order to make adventure “feel just right.” This likely concerns orders that Squad Leader RC-1138 (AKA the player character) is able to issue to his fellow Clone Troopers, which could often prove to be finicky and unreliable. Indeed, the studio elaborates on the topic further by saying: “What worked in 2005 doesn’t translate perfectly to modern hardware. That’s why we updated the controls to feel just right on the DualShock 4 and DuelSense controllers.” As is to be expected, the latter version will be available digitally on PS5 via backwards compatibility.

star wars republic commando

In addition to all of the above, anyone who opts to pick up the title on Sony’s platform will have access to a unique trophy list with objectives ranging from completing the game on its hardest difficulty to tasks as simple as keeping your helmet’s visor clean of debris.

Star Wars: Republic Commando is scheduled to land on April 6th for both aforementioned consoles, with an Xbox release hopefully to come sometime in the near future. Watch this space for further developments and as always, let us know down below if you plan on picking up the game when it drops later this year.