[State Of The Game] This Is How You Take Out Frustration On A Broken TV

Recently, I was unfortunate enough to have my TV, which as anyone can imagine gets quite a bit of use given my profession of choice, die on me. A strange ailment of perfect sound, but no picture. My TV has since been fixed, but the two weeks I went without my games or Netflix was torture, and it’s about time I took it out on someone.

This is not my TV. This is actually a slightly larger version of my TV that was broken on accident and given to me to dispose of. Instead of simply taking it straight to the nearest electronics recycling center, I decided to have a bit of fun first. For the record, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Professionals were consulted as to make sure everything was safe, eye protection was worn, and the remains of the dead TV were indeed recycled.

And yes, that is a guitar I brought out at one point. It’s the horribad guitar that came with failed music game Power Gig: Rise of the Six String. It smashed up quite nice. My apologies for not getting close-up footage. The person holding the camera was a tad afraid something was going to hit them, either debris or the hammer I was swinging around. They even jumped when the stand went in the camera’s general direction, which you can see in the video.

Also, I have a strange absence of stress. Not sure why, but I’ve got an idea. And with that, I’m on vacation. See you next week, folks.

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