The Status Of Our Rainbow Six: Siege Review


Rainbow Six: Siege is less than a day away from release and reviews are starting to appear online. As such, you may be wondering where ours is. We wanted to post a message to provide that information and let you know when to expect our full thoughts.

Although we received Rainbow Six: Siege last Thursday, we were told that its retail servers would not be online until today, Monday the 30th. If we had played the game via disc over the last several days, we would have been limited to the beta servers and did not want to publish a review based on a beta test, as you can imagine. As such, we decided to hold off and wait until the game’s servers were fully live to start our review.

Our detailed Rainbow Six: Siege review will be up within the next few days or so, as we want to make sure to give it a thorough test and try everything it has to offer before putting a score to its name. This is to ensure as thorough of a review as possible.

Thanks for your patience and support. Please check back soon.