Stoic Returns To Kickstarter In Order To Fund The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 2 Screenshot 6

The Banner Saga 3 will be making full use of Kickstarter to secure the project’s future, Stoic has confirmed. The crowdfunding campaign, which has already begun, has so far secured over half of its $200,000 goal with 41 days to go until funding closes. We sadly can’t claim to know the future, but it looks as if the final part in the tactical RPG series will quite comfortably accumulate all of the money it needs to fund the game.

So, why has Stoic decided to return to where it all started in order to finish the trilogy? According to comments made to (via engadget) by co-founder John Watson, the decision resulted from the troubled development of The Banner Saga 2, which Stoic made without the help of crowdfunding.

“We really neglected our community during the development of Banner Saga 2, because we were focusing on our work. We all agree that was a mistake,” Watson told the site, adding that they opted not to go with a second Kickstarter for the sequel due to the pressure it put on the studio the first time around. Things have clearly changed since then, however, and Stoic appears to be back on track to deliver a fitting end to the saga in the future. Fans can expect a continuation of the beautiful art style and excellent tactical gameplay the series has become known for when The Banner Saga 3 releases, although when that’ll be remains to be seen.

Pledge rewards have an estimated delivery date of December 2018, although Stoic says that’s not indicative of the game’s release date. Expect more details later this year. In the meantime, if you’ve yet to play either of the first two, you can find our review of the most recent release here.