Street Fighter V Gets Flashy And Foreboding With New Story Trailer


Capcom’s promising a bigger story than ever before for Street Fighter V, and we believe them after seeing the newest trailer for the game. Labelled as the ‘Street Fighter V Cinematic Story Expansion,’ the trailer is actually a teaser for a free slice of story-oriented DLC planned to release in June 2016.

Along with the trailer, Capcom have finally cemented the exact time in which Street Fighter V takes place within its own chronology. Set between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, Capcom’s promising a cinematic story experience never before offered in the series’ history.

Despite the fact that said content isn’t due until post-release, there will be various story elements available on day one. Playing through arcade mode with each character will provide important background information with them, displayed through the use of a retro art style from celebrated Japanese illustrator Bengus.

Lastly, more information was released regarding how Street Fighter V‘s in-game ‘Fight Money’ currency will work. Capcom says that completing all of the singleplayer content available on release will be enough to purchase the first new character due to release in March, and that daily challenges will be made available in the future to diversify the way in which you can earn it.

Street Fighter V releases on February 16 for PC and PlayStation 4, but if you just can’t wait that long, a final beta test will run from January 30-31 as a thank you to the fans. Get some practice in, you’re going to need it!

Source: VideoGamer

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