Street Fighter X Tekken For 360 Will Never Have Mega Man Or Pac-Man

Speaking to Siliconera, Street Fighter X Tekken producer Tomoyaki Ayano confirmed that both Mega Man and Pac-Man will remain exclusive to the PS3 version of the game, despite the fact that both characters are on the Xbox 360 disc as unused data.

“Unfortunately for Xbox 360 users, Mega Man and Pac-Man are exclusive to the PS3 version of the game… Every game has data on it that is unused. In this case, Street Fighter X Tekken for the Xbox 360 did have the Mega Man and Pac-Man data on it. But, we never intended to release these characters on the 360. They are PS3 exclusives and that was our intention from the very beginning. The are not going to be timed exclusives either, they’re PS3 exclusives.”

When it was first discovered that Mega Man and Pac-Man were on the Xbox 360 disc, I assumed that Sony had paid Capcom to make the characters timed exclusives for the PS3. Now that we officially know this is not the case, I can’t help but feel bad for all the non-hacking Xbox 360 gamers who picked up the 360 version based on the assumption that they would eventually get access to Mega Man and Pac-Man.

Honestly, this whole mess should have been handled better by Capcom from the start, and I’m really hoping they learned a lesson from it.

What do you think?