Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Fighters Will Eventually Come To Consoles

With the announcement that Street Fighter X Tekken will have an additional dozen fighters when it launches on the Vita later this year, many gamers are wondering if those characters will get released as DLC for the upcoming console version of the game. Speaking a recent L.A. launch party, Capcom’s community manager Seth Killian noted that the company will find a way “to make sure that console fans are happy, as well”.

Killian did not go into specifics about how the 12 characters (Elena, Guy, Cody, Sakura, Dudley, & Blanka from Street Fighter. Alisa, Christie, Jack, Brian, Lars, & Lei from Tekken) would be made available for the console versions of Street Fighter X Tekken, however, in a previous interview Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono stated that all content updates for the game would come as DLC and not as some new Super/Ultimate version of the game.

As for when that DLC might happen, don’t hold your breath. The console version of Street Fighter X Tekken is due out on March 6th, while the Vita version will not hit until this Fall. You can bet that Capcom will be holding these characters back until sometime after Street Fighter X Tekken launches on the Vita, in order to provide extra incentive for gamers to buy that version of the game.

Source: Joystiq