Street Fighter V’s Guile Releases Tomorrow, April 28 For North America


Sonic Boom enthusiast Guile releases for Street Fighter V tomorrow, April 28, Capcom has announced. Well, that’s the plan, anyway – the developer has precariously put the word ‘planned’ in their Tweet, so if there’s a delay, don’t be too surprised.

Alongside the new character release, April will see a few other new bits and pieces, chief among them a new feature that aims to punish rage quitters; players who forcibly end or quit a match early to avoid having a loss recorded on their profile. Capcom says they plan to add to the system in the future, but for now, it will lock players with high disconnect rates out of matchmaking. A step in the right direction, to be sure.

As was the case with Street Fighter V‘s first DLC character – Alex – Guile will be available free to all players until Capcom rolls out the delayed Zenny currency that was originally planned to launch as part of the game’s March update. Upon release, players will have the option to buy DLC characters with real money, or the in-game Fight Money, which is earned through play.

General matchmaking improvements and the new Air Force Base stage round out the rest of April’s content, the latter of which will cost 70,000 Fight Money to purchase, or free for all season pass holders.

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