Strike From The Shadows As Skyforge’s Deadly Slayer


With numerous classes in the ever-growing roster of heroes in Allods’ Skyforge, a brand new trailer will show you just why you’ll want to check one of them out. The free-to-play core of the MMORPG is supported by additional character types available in premium content packs, and the new Slayer pack is available alongside the previously released Berserker addition.

Check out the Slayer in action in the trailer above, and see how their swift, deadly approach will appeal to the more stealthily-minded player. Armed with shuriken stars and chain swords, the Slayers can strike from distance and attack at speed after making themselves near invisible to enemies in Skyforge.

To get your hands on the Slayer or Berserker, the following content packs are available in the game:

Berserker Pack – $15.99

  • Instant access to the Berserker class
  • Unique  Berserker Costume Variant & Headpiece
  • Legendary Main & Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
  • 30 Day Premium Account Status
  • 2,000 Spark Replicators
  • 1,000 Victor’s Medals
  • 750,000 Credits

Slayer Pack – $30.99

  • Instant access to the Slayer class
  • Unique Slayer Costume Variant & Headpiece
  • Legendary Main & Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
  • 25,000 Argents
  • 1,000 Holy Texts
  • 5,000 Spark Replicators
  • 2,500 Ether Cores
  • 200 Secret Knowledge

Deadly Steel Combo Pack -$39.99

  • Berserker Pack
  • Slayer Pack

Whether you prefer the unbridled aggression of the Berserker or the swift deadliness of the Slayer, you can check out the packs and make your choice before you head into the arena of Skyforge.

Source: Allods Team

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