Super Meat Boy Sprints Onto PS4, PS Vita This Fall; Platformer Will Be Free For PS Plus Subscribers


Almost five years since its defining debut on Xbox 360, Team Meat has confirmed plans to launch its indelible platformer, Super Meat Boy, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this fall.

In a post via PlayStation Blog, the indie developer offered up a candid explanation about why the jump to Sony’s systems took so long in the first place.

That’s our way of saying “Thank you for waiting patiently” to all those PlayStation fans that reached out to us over the years only to get back a “we can’t do it, sorry” response. We love you guys and girls and we’re so happy that you can finally play Super Meat Boy on your system of choice!

When Super Meat Boy was launched, Team Meat wasn’t allowed to bring it to PS3 for very complicated reasons. They hated that they had to alienate the loyal PlayStation fans who desperately wanted the game but couldn’t have it. They felt their pain as PlayStation fans had to suffer for years without the greatest platformer ever made by two guys named Tommy and Edmund [McMillen]. Team Meat was very sad about this, but what could they do? Their hands were tied.

Though it wasn’t specified whether Super Meat Boy will support Cross-Buy upon launch, Team Meat noted that those who hold PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be able to download the excoriating platformer free of charge as a means of saying thank you.

Headed up by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, Team Meat’s creation was one of the inspiring stories that underpinned acclaimed documentary Indie Game: The Movie three years ago, and the studio’s pioneering attitude helped pave the way for the indie golden age that the video game industry is currently experiencing.

Super Meat Boy will hop, slide and skip his way onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this fall.