Magical mini-tour of a new Super Nintendo World ride promises a novel way to play


Soon, the Super Nintendo World will jump off of screens and come to life at Universal Studios Hollywood in the United States. It already exists in Japan and today fans have received a new look at its upcoming version, along with concrete details about when the park expansion will open up next year.

The trailer for the location posted on the park’s official YouTube channel earlier today confirms it will open up on Feb. 17, 2023. Visitors can walk through Peach’s castle, spend time with Mario and Luigi, and through the purchase of special bands can gain the ability to interact with other things in the area. At one point one of the franchise’s signature blocks is hit and its sound is made.

Apart from the general atmosphere, other aspects of the area include a ride inspired by the Mario Kart series, a café for food, and a market with exclusive merchandise. Items available include Mario and Luigi-like hats, as well as hoodies, and what appear to be wallets inspired by the characters. The park expansion opens about two months before The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes into theaters, and, judging by the comments in response to the footage, Mario fans are excitedly looking forward to 2023.

“This is a great year to be a Mario fan”

ego-lay_atman-bay, Dec. 14, 2022

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto was involved heavily in the design of the space and its attractions. The ride will take visitors through land, air, and sea with a mix of augmented reality and physical elements while players try to collect coins and win.