Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free Today For PlayStation Plus

When the PSN updates later today PlayStation Plus members will find that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Rochard have been added to the free Instant Game Collection.

Capcom has a long history of almost endlessly updating, adding characters, and releasing new editions of their fighting games. Street Fighter IV went through every single stage in that revision cycle until the publisher finally stopped the madness with the ultimate edition of the game, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. This version of SF IV contains all the prior balancing updates, four additional fighters (Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, and Oni), and all-new online modes, making it the complete package for Street Fighter fans.

For those that missed Rochard, this PSN game is a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer where you play as astro-miner John Rochard. Throughout the adventure you will have to use the game’s gravity control mechanics to solve environmental puzzles and progress though levels. If you are planning to grab Rochard make sure to put it into your download list quick, because it will only be available as part of the Instant Game Collection for one week — although once you have it in your download list it will be there for as long as you are a Plus subscriber.

Sony did not announce any PlayStation Plus content for the Vita this week, however, in the comments section of the PlayStation Blog post the company’s community manager mentioned that they will have “more news on PS Vita Plus content later this month”.

Whatever else Sony decides to add to their subscription service this month will simply be icing on the cake for everyone who has bought into PlayStation Plus. So far subscribers have received an insane amount of titles added to the Instant Game Collection (BioShock 2, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Quantum Conundrum, Resident Evil 5, Payday: The Heist, Saints Row 2, and Just Cause 2 to literally just name a few) and more game discounts that you can shake a stick at. When you consider everything that the $50 a year membership fee gets you, it is hands-down the best deal in gaming today.

Source: PlayStation Blog