Swing For The Fences With The Fallout 4 Big Leagues Perk


If you’re like me, and happen to love going through Bethesda’s RPGs with a powerful melee weapon in hand, then this Fallout 4 Big Leagues Perk trailer will have you drooling. It’s not for the faint of heart or stomach, though, so consider yourself warned.

As one of the better Strength perks, Big Leagues allows you to swing for the fences like an MLB batting champion. The results are epic, too, because one good swing can pop an opponent’s head like a pimple, sending blood, guts and other things flying everywhere. Of course, this is made even more brutal when V.A.T.S. is engaged, but that’s a given due to its slow motion nature.

Fallout 4 will bring its seventy different perks to our favourite gaming devices on November 10th. Make sure to stay tuned for our in-depth review, which is expected to go live close to launch.