Sword And Shield Leaks Reveal New Forms And Types For Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon sword and shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield might not be due to officially release for another week as yet, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from getting hold of early copies.

If you weren’t one of the lucky few, however, fear not – those already exploring Galar to its fullest have spent the last few days documenting each and every discovery. That’s bad news for Pokéfans doing their best to avoid spoilers, of course, and short of going into self-imposed exile from the internet, you’ve little chance of going in blind. That being the case, everything from here on out is firmly in spoiler territory, so continue at your own risk.

With the majority of Sword and Shield‘s Pokédex now in the public domain, attention has started shifting to the pair’s narrative beats and characters, three of which are believed to play a pivotal role. Wolf-life box legendaries Zacian and Zamacenta, as well as the newly-leaked Eternatus, are said to represent the age-old battle of good vs. evil. Naturally, the player will align themselves with either (version dependent) of the aforementioned canines in order to halt the latter’s return to Galar, each of which, it has been revealed, will have multiple different forms.

Check them out:

Unlike all of the concept art revealed thus far, the version of Zacian depicted above is no longer brandishing a sword between its teeth and is missing its gilded battle armor. We’re headed straight for speculative territory from here on out, but it’s extremely likely that both mutts will first appear without any of their armaments and, only through the player’s actions, will they achieve their final forms, so to speak. Whether this will be through a progression of the plot or via a special item remains unclear, though Eternatus too, will have multiple forms to match its counterparts.

Finally, and as promised, you can find the confirmed affinity types for each ‘Mon below:

  • Zacian – Fairy-type
  • Zamacenta – Fighting-type
  • Eternatus – Poison/Dragon-type

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out for Nintendo Switch on November 15th and, for those not deterred by spoilers, you can see all of leaked reveals so far over here.