Team Meat Reveals First Mew-Genics Characters, More Next “Caturday”

Team Meat, the developers behind Super Meat Boy, revealed a little bit more about Mew-Genics this weekend by releasing screenshots showing two of the game’s characters, Mr. Tinkles and Dr. Beanies.

Outside of the screenshots and pet-cat-like names, the announcement did not reveal anything about the characters or the actual game itself. All we know at this point is whatever can be gleaned from these two Mew-Genics‘ screenshots, and that raises more questions than it answers.

Mr. Tinkles has a razor thin mustache, a heart shirt, tons of cat trophies, and a banner that (oddly enough) says “Party Gurl”. Dr. Benies appears to be of the lab-variety of doctors (as opposed to the medical type), and is surrounded by lots of test tubes, beakers, and a cat.

Team Meat promised that they will have three more character announcements, one each “Caturday” (Saturday), until they are ready to “release all the details”. Basically, you can expect a few more of these strange weekend screenshot posts before we find out when Mew-Genics is being released, what platforms it is coming to, and (most importantly) what the freak this game is about!

Source: Team Meat