Team Ninja’s Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Launches Into An Array Of Problems


Early adopters who picked up Team Ninja’s anticipated brawler Dead or Alive 5 Last Round have been met with a myriad of technical issues, as the studio scrambles to address the problems through the ever-updating FAQ page.

For many, the canary in the coal mine moment came when the digital, PS4 version of the fighter didn’t appear on PlayStation Store as planned. From what we understand, the Xbox One version popped without any issue.

However, AWOL digital releases proved to be the tip of the iceberg, as Team Ninja quickly began detailing a series of known issues through the studio’s Twitter feed. Chief among those is the bug that is corrupting save files, with the company warning players away from tutorial missions 40.8 and 40.9 until a patch is released.

The Xbox One version of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round may have escaped the gremlins lurking in Team Ninja’s digital distribution, but the Mad Catz’s TE2 fightstick — specifically designed for Xbox One — is having issues pairing with Last Round. Here’s the official statement Mad Catz’s released in response.

“It should be noted that controller compatibility is something that is largely out of our hands and needs to be implemented on the developer side. Now that this issue has been brought to all our collective attention, we will do everything we can on our side to ensure that our FightStick will offer full compatibility with the game. It is our understanding that at this time NO specialty controllers / arcade FightSticks from other manufacturers will work on the Xbox One version of DOA5: Last Round. Please continue to check Mad Catz social media for further updates.”

Those who already own Dead or Alive 5 Last Round can expect a flurry of patches to begin rolling out in the coming days. For those who are yet to commit, perhaps it’s best waiting on the fence just a little longer.