Tekken’s Heihachi Shows Off A Full Head Of Hair

I had almost forgotten that Tekken Tag Tournament was getting a sequel. The announcement trailer seems so far back. I suspect it has something to do with Christmas drinks and/or all the other games coming out. Tekken Tag is widely acknowledged to have been the second best Tekken game in the entire franchise history (with Tekken 3 normally taking the spotlight) and I for one was delighted to learn that Namco are hoping to bring the fisticuffs back into the tag-team world.

So anyway, a brand new trailer has gone up on the inter-web of all things useful and not-so useful, and the video shows Heihachi and Kazuya kicking a ridiculous amount of ass. But the funny thing for me was seeing Heihachi without his bald streak, it just seemed a little odd at first and I couldn’t quite tell who he was…until the trailer helpfully labelled him.

News on release dates are fairly thin at the moment, with word that Namco “aim to get it out as soon as possible for the fans” but it will have to make the leap from arcades (still big in Asia I’m told) to consoles, and it isn’t even in the arcades yet. So this is one of those ‘it will happen….eventually’ trailers. Great, my favourite.

Still though, it looks like the team are looking to take the tag combos and principle elements a step further and the looks are bound to improve once more. Also, seeing as the tag tournament was never officially part of the Iron Fist story, all the characters from the series up to this point should be making an appearance, which would give TTT2 the largest roster the franchise has ever offered in one game. Pretty sweet right? Gon vs. Steve anyone?

Personally I don’t mind waiting for this one, it’s not like there won’t be anything to play in the mean time.