Tekken 7 Welcomes Bob And Master Raven To Its Roster


Bandai Namco confirmed the arrival of two new characters for Tekken 7 over the weekend. Bob and Master Raven were revealed for the most recent iteration of the series during EVO 2016, alongside individual trailers showcasing each fighter’s abilities. Bob (full name Robert Richards), first introduced in Tekken 6, is a rotund American fighter that is described as one of the “most well rounded fighters in the Tekken series.” Judging from his trailer, the character will is big on juggle combos.

His description reads:

Introduced in TEKKEN 6, Bob is an American fighter that practices Freestyle Karate as his chosen fighting style. Possessing great strength, uncanny speed, and a wide range of attacks, Bob is one of the most well rounded fighters in the TEKKEN series.

Second new entry Master Raven exhibits a little more finesse than Bob, preferring to use technical combos and her special teleport ability to get the job done. She also appears to have a wide range of normals at her disposal, encouraging the use of mix-up combos.

The original Raven made his debut in TEKKEN 5 with origins that are still murky today. Now Master Raven enters the fight in TEKKEN 7, executing her ninjutsu fighting skills with exceptional power and precision. Master Raven has no problem tearing her opponents apart in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Bandai Namco has pegged Tekken 7 for an early 2017 release date on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Various early versions of the beat ’em up have been available to play in Japanese arcades since 2015.