Telltale’s Game Of Thrones Will Premiere Before The End Of 2014

Telltale's GoT

Despite juggling three projects concurrently in The Walking Dead: Season Two, Tales From the Borderlands and Game of Thrones, Telltale Games has reaffirmed that the studio’s take on George R.R. Martin’s sprawling epic will still premiere before the year’s end.

That’s according to the studio’s community and PR expert, Laura Perusco, who replied to a fan through Twitter who asked when the episodic title would hit Xbox One.

So, it would seem that the maiden episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones will indeed launch before the end of 2014 — the release window that was originally attached to the project back when it was first unveiled in the closing stages of last year. It’s unclear exactly when that launch will be, however. With little over two months to go until the end of 2014, the studio is rapidly running out of time if they are to squeeze out the first chapter like Perusco suggests.

Because realistically, we have no indication of what Telltale’s latest project will be like. Without a screenshot or synopsis to its name, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding their take on Game of Thrones. We learned that Destiny scribe Joshua Rubin had left Bungie to work with Telltale, with all signs pointing to his involvement in the studio’s pixelated rendition of Westeros. Furthermore, a recent tease from the company itself seems to suggest that the series will orbit around some of the minor characters of A Song of Ice and Fire, including the likes of the northerly Forrester clan.

We’re still yet to hear word of a release date for Telltale’s Game of Thrones, though it seems all but certain that the series will debut at least one episode this year. As always, we’ll keep you posted when we learn more.