Ten Reasons Why Blowing Stuff Up Is Addictive


Why do we love blowing stuff up in videogames? Why is it so addictive? Why is it always the best part of any game? Find out here as we give ten reasons as to why blowing stuff up is so addictive.

1. Some bizarre and ancient need a man has to attack something. A fully destructible building will suffice aplenty, or a ridiculously expensive looking sports car, or…another person. Yeah that one is quite popular.

2. Letting out stress…because the word ‘headshot’ comes from the ancient Latin word meditatum or ‘to meditate’.

3. Hmmm guns…… also makes you feel manly. Yeah I know! Weird right?

4. If we have to get philosophical and epic about this, then the ‘creator’ has drawn the water pistol filled with candy floss whilst the ‘destroyer’ has drawn the portable napalm RPG. As we all know it’s so much easier to break stuff than make it, and all through culture destruction is frowned upon. You always want what you can’t have right? RIGHT!? Oops.

5. Hmmmm real shiny guns…er…

6. Quick and instant reward in the gaming world. Who doesn’t grin when they see the red flash XP when they score a kill in competitive multiplayer, has anyone else noticed that the negative image crosshair thing on CoD is reeely cool? Or better yet the whistle-bell on Uncharted 2? It’s the little things…*turns surround sound on*

7. The better you are at it, the more admiration and respect you receive from your gaming peers, which incidentally because of the online world is erm…everyone.

8. The sounds. Ahh yes the glorious noise of some inanimate object being blown to bits and the debris flying past your ears crackling like a stick of dynamite stapled to a Catherine wheel. The uncorking of a grenade launcher and the rattle of a well oiled chain gun purring into animation are crowd favourites.

9. Being a kid you always used to pretend you could; now you can. “And what does Mr. Piggy say to that?” *safety lock flicks off…*

10. Because when you admire the smoky remains of a 6 storey building and you can vaguely justify it as ‘modern art’. “For my next trick I will fire several large rockets at a tank”

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