The Banner Saga 2 Lets You Play Viking On April 19

The Banner Saga 2 Screenshot 2

The Banner Saga 2 earned a spot on many fans’ wish lists in the wake of its announcement … fifteen months ago. I have been counting the days until a sequel to The Banner Saga arrives (because mashups of XCOM, Norse mythology, and The Oregon Trail aren’t exactly common commodities). Now, The Banner Saga 2’s release is just around the corner.

Per the developers:

We’re proud to have the Windows and OSX version of the game launching on April 19th. The preorder will also be on a 10% discount up until we launch the game but we will not have any launch day or launch week discounts, however our main price will only be 19.99 this time around instead of 24.99.

Mark your calendars, folks.

The Banner Saga 2 will likely continue the journey of Iver, Hakon, and their companies, but the developers at Stoic account for the fatal choices you made in the first Banner Saga. If Rook or Alette bought the farm at the game’s climax, don’t count on a grand entrance for either in The Banner Saga 2.

The Banner Saga 2 Screenshot 1

Players should also expect an increase in enemy variety, different win conditions, more strategic battle boards and extra story delivered mid-combat. But The Banner Saga 2 holds true to the original’s gameplay. The permanent loss of characters will haunt you. You’ll replay the death of each giant, axeman, or archer long after they’ve turned to dust.

If the turn-based skirmishes do not jeopardize your blood pressure, The Oregon Trail aspects should. Players must manage their caravans as they travel the landscape, determining when to eat and rest.

As The Banner Saga website confirms:

Every role is needed, but is everyone needed to succeed? As you continue on your journey, new friends, foes, and would-be allies come across your path. Will you accept them into your clan? Leave them to starve? Allies are needed for your next fight, but supplies feed the clan. Where does the new race, the [centaur-like] Horseborn, stand amongst this chaos?

On four legs, am I right?


The Banner Saga 2. April 19. I’m giddy already.