The Bright Lord DLC Out To Redeem Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’s Anticlimactic Ending



With the groundwork already laid after the release of a hefty patch earlier this week, developer Monolith Productions is gearing up for the launch of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor‘s forthcoming piece of DLC, The Bright Lord.

In Talion’s steed, the add-on will focus on Celebrimbor, who is battling Sauron for control of that all-important One Ring. Speaking to Polygon, Design Director Michael de Plater provided a brief overview of the new addition and how he differs from Shadow of Mordor‘s core protagonist.

Celebrimbor is more powerful, more agile, but also more fragile – more of a glass cannon. The enemies are also much more numerous and powerful. It’s definitely a challenge. In terms of specific skills and playstyle, it’s balanced so that you really need to use your domination skills, the One Ring, and your improved archery skills to succeed.

In terms of The Bright Lord overall as a standalone expansion, Monolith is keen to trumpet the story aspects of the DLC, and how it will set out to redeem the anticlimactic ending of the main game.

We really wanted to create the most epic, momentous final boss fight that we possibly could. We wanted to create a crafted boss fight that players get through the Nemesis system, to make up for the final boss fight against the Black Hand, which wasn’t so momentous. This is our attempt to revisit that and have another try and do the best we possibly can at creating an epic finale.

At the time of writing, the latest batch of DLC is without a release date, though the studio assured fans that a launch window would be announced sooner rather than later.

Tell us, are you excited to hop back into Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor with this upcoming Bright Lord expansion? Let us know below.

Source: GameSpot

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