The Cave’s Launch Trailer Gives The Talking Cave The Last Word

Ron Gilbert’s latest game, The Cave, has finally arrived on the PlayStation Network and Wii U eShop (the XBLA and PC/Mac versions will be available tomorrow). To help usher in the spelunking adventure game Double Fine has release the title’s launch trailer, which gives the talking cave one last chance to pitch its own game to us.

The trailer contains some new gameplay footage that we have not yet seen — along with some funny new dialog from the cave itself — so it is definitely worth taking the time to check out if you have not yet taken the plunge and purchased the title.

The Cave has players pick a team of three adventurers, from a group of seven, to explore the depths of the mysterious talking cave. The seven characters that players have to choose from are; The Hillbilly (who is searching the cave for his true love), The Scientist (she is on the cusp of a great discovery for all mankind), The Monk (he seeks a journey filled with “peace, and enlightenment, and murder!”), The Twins (two slightly creepy children, who count as one character that want nothing more than to “go outside to play”), The Adventurer (she is looking for her lost companions and treasure), The Knight (he is on a quest to obtain a powerful sword), and The Time Traveler (she is trying to “write a wrong a million years in the making”).

Each of the playable adventurers has then own unique story and abilities, so it will take several playthroughs with different combinations of the characters to see everything The Cave has to offer.

We are currently playing through the game for our own review, and will have it posted as soon as we are done exploring The Cave‘s depths. In the meantime, make sure to check out its launch trailer below.