The Division’s Public Test Server Goes Live Today On PC; Preview October Update Early


The Division‘s Public Test Server (PTS) is due to go live today for all PC players of Ubisoft’s third-person shooter, enabling users to preview upcoming and future updates early before they’re introduced to the live game.

So, what exactly can you expect upon logging in to the PTS? As it’s just around the corner, Update 1.4 will be the focus of this particular test, and Ubisoft wants you to try out the current build in order for them to gather valuable feedback in regards to balancing and quashing any potential bugs that are found.

To access the PTS, you’ll need to own a copy of The Division on PC. Once the server goes live, head over to the ‘My Games’ section on Uplay or Steam’s Library (not available yet) tab to find it listed separately.

Unfortunately, as the PTS is a standalone version of The Division, you’ll need to download the full client which, Ubisoft says, comes in at around 45GB. Your current files for the existing game won’t be affected by the PTS client download.

You’ll also have to use start a brand new character to participate, but you’ll start at level 30. The test will focus on a certain area of the update each week, with the first being all about “progression between World Tiers.” For any and all feedback you have during play, Ubisoft has set up a dedicated forum here for you voice concerns/opinions/feedback.

Ubisoft confirmed their intention to introduce public test servers earlier this year after receiving various criticisms concerning The Division‘s repetitive and slower-then-desired progression system. Future DLC expansions have been delayed until the studio has improved the base game experience.