The Elder Scrolls Online’s New Life Festival Event Kicks Off Tomorrow, Includes Double XP For All Players

The Elder Scrolls Online is all set to offer its own unique brand of holiday festivities, as tomorrow will see the beginning of the MMO’s New Life Festival on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, developer ZeniMax Online Studios has announced.

From December 15 until January 4, players can visit the city of Windhelm and speak with Breda, who has a series of new daily quests on offer with suitably themed rewards for completing them. There’s nine different tasks to complete, each of which is themed after one of Tamriel’s different races.

Successfully beating each challenge will award a New Life Gift Box, which “contains a random assortment of New Life Festival-themed goodies,” says the news post, including three guaranteed rewards found in each one.

Guaranteed Rewards

  • A random crafting material (Provisioning ingredient, Alchemy reagent, or Health glyph)
  • A consumable version of a New Life-themed Memento
  • A Skinchanger style item (Wolfsbane Incense)

Completing all the tasks Breda sets for you will confer an additional assortment of special items, including the New Life Cerulean dye and Celebrant achievements. For the completionists among you, ticking off every last New Life-related achievement will unlock the “Magnanimous” title. If cosmetic rewards are of no interest to you, don’t worry – there’s another very special benefit on offer throughout the event’s duration. Taking a swig of Breda’s Magnificent Mead will double all XP gained for two hours, although it’s not clear whether this is repeatable.

2016 has been a big year for The Elder Scrolls Online. Two major expansions – The Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood – each introduced their own quest chains and brand new playable areas to the base game with their respective launches, and post-launch support looks set to continue next year, too. ZeniMax revealed earlier this month that a new add-on – Homestead – is planned to launch in February 2017, and will mark the long-awaited arrival of player-owned housing.