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The Last Guardian Has Been Delayed Yet Again, Will Now See A December Release

Highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last Guardian has been delayed once again and will now launch on December 6 instead of October 25, Sony has announced.


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Highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last Guardian has been delayed once again and will now launch on December 6 instead of October 25, Sony has announced.

The very special-looking adventure game, which comes from the minds of the same individuals responsible for Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, caused a huge stir of excitement and anticipation back in 2009 when Sony unveiled the game’s first teaser for the PlayStation 3, but then everything went dark.

Weeks, months and years passed without so much as a whisper as to the state of the title, with many having assumed it had suffered the grim fate of becoming vaporware. Thankfully, the opposite turned out to be true last year, as the title made its triumphant return at E3 2015 looking better than ever, having found a new home on the PlayStation 4.

As part of its presence at this year’s E3 Sony confirmed that the long-gestating game would finally launch on October 25 of this year, but it seems that developer genDESIGN needs just a few extra weeks to iron out some last-minute bugs, so says Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios.

“A delay is a difficult decision, particularly with this game, but we have encountered more bugs than anticipated while in the final stages of development,” said Yoshida, before adding that “To ensure that The Last Guardian delivers on the experience that the game’s creators have envisioned, we need to take the extra time to work on those issues.”

While news of the delay may be extremely frustrating for everyone involved, we’d rather see The Last Guardian hit retail in a finished, working state rather than a broken one. On the bright side, at least this most recent setback is only by a month and not an indefinite one.

Roll on December.