The Order: 1886 Developer Ready At Dawn To Reveal New Game Next Week



Ready at Dawn, creative minds behind the God of War PSP spinoffs and visually stunning PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886, is on the verge of announcing its next project.

That’s according to GameStop COO Tony Bartel, who teased the imminent reveal in a first-quarter call to investors. Not much is known about the in-development game at this stage, though we do understand it’ll mark one of the first releases to be distributed via GameStop’s new publishing arm, GameTrust.

What’s more, considering The Order 1886‘s meek critical reception – with the general consensus pegging Ready at Dawn’s PS4 debut as all style and little substance – a direct sequel to the Victorian actioner seems unlikely. There’s also the fact that the studio has considerably improved its tech since the launch of The Order in early 2014, indicating that next week’s reveal could come tethered with a multi-platform release window.

Via VideoGamer:

“Our technology now supports multiplatform development,” he said. “Since the release of The Order, we have been very hard at work to advance our engine and technology to a place where we can deliver our games on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and one other unannounced platform that you will soon find out about.”

Stay tuned for more information regarding Ready at Dawn‘s new creative effort, as we’ll surely learn more next week. Until then, you can speculate about what said title could be via the comments below.

Source: IGN

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