The PlayStation 4.5 Is Real But It Won’t Be At E3, Sony Confirms

PlayStation 4.5

So how about that PlayStation 4.5? Or 4K. Or Neo. It seems that everyone – including Sony – has several nicknames they use to refer to the until-now-rumored upgrade of the PlayStation 4, and while we still don’t have an official name, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House has finally confirmed that such a thing does in fact exist, but it won’t be showing up at this year’s E3.

Speaking to the Financial Times (via VG247), House referred to the device as being a “high-end PS4” that is “intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4,” with both being sold alongside each other “through the life cycle” of the current console generation.

In regards to why the new hardware won’t be making its debut at E3, House said that Sony wants to ensure they “have a full range of the best experiences on the new system” that they “can showcase in their entirety.” In other words, the company is in no rush to prematurely reveal what the upgrade can do.

If you’re concerned about what this means about your existing PlayStation 4, don’t be – House says that all future games will support both consoles, with “a very large majority of games” set to support the so-called high-end PS4.

So, when can we expect to see more? House doesn’t say, but he does confirm that the PlayStation 4.5 will cost more than the standard iteration.

Expect to hear more later in the year.

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