The Thieves Guild Is Now Open For Business In The Elder Scrolls Online


The Thieves Guild is now open for business in The Elder Scrolls Online, according to the announcement on the game’s official website. The update, currently only for PC and MAC players, will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by the end of March, and adds a considerable amount of content to get stuck in with. You know, besides the obvious of being able to steal, barter and sleuth your way to glory with a bunch of thieves.

The blurb on the announcement page reads:

Welcome to the Thieves Guild! All of us here couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for you with this latest DLC game pack. The zone of Hew’s Bane is gorgeous, with some of the most spectacular world building to date and equally compelling content. There are new types of traps, passive skills, delves, group bosses, and quests that take you all throughout Tamriel. There are also all new justice activities which the Thieves Guild rewards you for completing! If you love stealthy gameplay and being a thief, you are going to love this DLC.

Besides the new Hew’s Bane peninsula that houses the Thieves Guild, 2016’s first DLC update for ESO includes a new 12-player trial – The Maw of Lorkhaj, new passive skills, daily activities and story content. There’s simply too much new content to list here, but you can check out the full details by heading over to the announcement page.

The Thieves Guild DLC will automatically download if you’re an ESO Plus player. Alternatively, the new content can be purchased directly from The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store for 2,000 Crowns.