The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition Is A GameStop Exclusive


Telltale Games has announced that the retail version of The Walking Dead adventure game will come in two flavors when it launches on December 4th; a normal PS3/Xbox 360 version containing all five episodes for $29.99, and a GameStop exclusive Collector’s Edition designed to open up fan’s wallets and remove $69.99.

The “extremely limited” Collector’s Edition can only be purchased with a GameStop pre-order, and includes the following:

  • All five episodes of The Walking Dead on one disc
  • A special version of The Walking Dead Compendium One with exclusive Charlie Adlard cover art (this includes the first 48 issues of the comic and normally costs $59.99)
  • The Collector’s Edition box, also featuring Charlie Adlard artwork.

I’m not normally one to spring for the “Collector’s Edition” of any particular game, however, this is basically a $10 discount on The Walking Dead Compendium One and you get Telltale’s adventure game packed in. Not exactly a bad deal.

Telltale also confirmed that The Walking Dead: Episode 5 – No Time Left “is expected” to launch sometime this November. We will let you know as soon as they nail down an exact date.

Source: IGN

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