The Walking Dead: Season Two Headed For PS Vita April 22nd


Telltale Games has finally dated The Walking Dead: Season Two on PlayStation Vita. In a post over on PlayStation Blog, the studio’s community lead Laura Perusco confirmed that the first and second episode will launch concurrently next Tuesday, April 22nd (April 23rd in the UK).

Priced at $4.99/£3.99 independently, the long-awaited release will bring owners of Sony’s handheld up to speed with those playing across console and PC. At this stage in the timeline, Telltale has premiered the first two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season Two — namely, All That Remains and A House Divided.

In the vein of the studio’s other properties and indeed the first season of The Walking Dead, users can opt to purchase the game’s season pass, which offers a 20% percent discount against picking up each episode individually. Looking ahead to the future of the series, though, it’s understood that the third narrative slice — entitled In Harm’s Way — is yet to receive a release date across existing platforms, though it seems safe to assume the next episode will debut on Vita day and date (at least, let’s hope).

Either way, much like the first season, we can expect five morally-ambiguous episodes with The Walking Dead: Season Two and, for our own thoughts on the early stages of Clementine’s adventure, you can head on over to our reviews of All That Remains and A House Divided, respectively.