The Walking Dead takes a bite into blockchain with new MMORPG

Today at the Galaverse event in Las Vegas, Gala Games announced an incoming blockchain game for The Walking Dead that they are developing alongside AMC and Ember Entertainment. 

The Walking Dead: Empires will have players acquire a piece of land in-game, make a settlement, then defend it from zombies and other players then reap the benefits. Presumably, like other Play-To-earn games such as Axie Infinity, players would be able to sell and trade the virtual produce and land for cryptocurrency (likely via NFTs). They can also purchase ‘Dead Claims’ ahead of the game’s opening to have a chance to stake their claim on some land before proper release. 

John Osvald, President of Games at Gala Games said: “We are bringing a new style of play where players will own their characters and land to expand The Walking Dead Universe in a whole new way”

Image via Gala Games

Games of this type have become increasingly popular – especially amongst those who are deep in the cryptocurrency space. Aside from the aforementioned Axie Infinity, there are also games like Splinterlands and Cryptoblades which some players have made a significant amount of money from. There are some critiques though, some have compared the model to pyramid schemes which are doomed to collapse when the flow of new players inevitably slows, and others raise more general concerns about the environmental impact of NFTs

We will have to wait and see whether fans take to this game and whether it becomes as popular as the other big blockchain games that have come before it, or are coming down the pipeline in the future. 
Players can learn more about the game at Gala Games website.