Thief 4 Struggling To Emerge From The Shadows Of Development

Eidios Montreal took four years to develop Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and yet with a similar amount of development time behind Thief 4, the studio remains remarkably quiet about the stealthy series’ return. Absent from E3 and having remained hidden for a while, it now appears that the game may elude us altogether.

Internet super sleuth Superannutation, writing for Kotaku, has reported on some rather suggestive career changes for many of the team behind the project. Among those to leave Eidos Montreal are: audio director and composer Paul Weir, lead level designer Adam Alim, senior concept artists Dan Blomberg and Nicolas Ferrand, senior level designer Patrick Garon, senior technical level designer Eugene Kuczerpa and senior animator Marie-Chantal Larocque.

These departures are not alone however, with the equally suggestive fact that a CG trailer for the game created by Goldtooth Creative (the team behind the cutscenes and CG in Human Revolution) has never emerged out of the shadows. According to this resume, it was meant to be uncloaked back in December 2011 but it has seemingly been silenced.

Thief II: Deadly Shadows was one of my formative gaming experiences and certainly my first, rather brutal, introduction to stealth-based gameplay. The child in me still believes that this game will be lurking around the corner somewhere, but perhaps the torch has been extinguished for good.

Keep checking back with us here at We Got This Covered for more on Thief 4 – should it ever arrive of course.

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