Thomas Was Alone Scribe Mike Bithell Announces Volume, Due Late 2014


Mike Bithell, the indie developer behind last year’s Thomas Was Alone, has unveiled his next low-budget project, Volume. Billed as a top-down stealth game, Bithell’s new title has you controlling an anonymous thief who stalks the virtual environment while avoiding enemy detection. In tandem with today’s announcement, the artist also debuted a trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

Even from the above footage, it’s easy to see how the game’s aesthetic is reminiscent of Bithell’s previous effort what with its minimalistic design. It’s a stylistic choice that also serves the gameplay, considering that Volume will challenge you to manoeuvre about the futuristic environment unseen. What’s more, David Housden – who provided the excellent music for Thomas Was Alone – will partner with the British developer once again for his new project.

Featuring a user-generated component called the Remix System, the game itself appears to be orientated to appeal to the modder community, and has even been described as Metal Gear Solid meets Minecraft. And this open-ended developing style is one that Bithell firmly supports:

“This massively opens up the game and hopefully creates a legacy where it’ll take on a life of its own in the community. I’m building on my mechanical depth, I’m building on my storytelling, I’m building on player experience stuff.”

At this time, there is no confirmation regarding what platforms Volume will be available for upon release. Though if it takes a similar trajectory as Thomas Was Alone, Bithell’s follow-up could debut on PC before later arriving on next-gen consoles and handhelds. Here’s a brief update courtesy of the designer’s Twitter feed.

Tell us, what are your early impressions of Volume? Are you intrigued by the stealth-based puzzle game? Let us know in the comments below.