THQ 2011 Line Up Announced

Yesterday THQ had their fourth quarter investor call and detailed their line-up for 2011. THQ is pulling out the stops with some great sequels to be released throughout the year. As it looks now the line consists of: the third person adventure game, Red Faction: Armageddon based two generations after Guerrilla, in which an unknown threat is sweeping across the world threatening its inhabitants. Next in line is the over the top racing game MX vs. ATV Alive, that is being released at just forty dollars per unit, THQ hopes this lower price will get more players to buy the game, then be swept up in the massive wave of DLC to follow.

Near then end of the year THQ has the third installment of it’s popular series Saints Row. Saints Row 3 like the others will put you in the mean streets in which you must claw your way to the top through violence, and treachery. The popular gaming tablet first released on the Wii, UDraw is being adapted to both the PS3, and Xbox 360. Finally, in the last stretch of 2011 the newest Ultimate Fighting Championship game is being release presumably dubbed, UFC Undisputed 2011.

A fair line up of games for THQ this year and although Dark Siders 2, and Devils 3 weren’t in the line up, I believe fans will be satisfied with the great titles on the horizon.