THQ Unveils Crucible Mode And New Game+ For Darksiders II

Fans of lengthy digital adventures will be happy to hear that Darksiders II features more than just one game mode. In addition to its core campaign, which is said to be in the range of 25 hours long, the action role-playing game will also offer players an arena option.

Known as the Crucible, it’s essentially a one on many scenario as main character Death must battle wave upon wave of increasingly difficult baddies. There are 100 of them in total, but THQ believes that “Only the most skilled players will have what it takes to conquer all 100 waves and claim the greatest prizes.” Thankfully for everyone else, each set of five completed waves will offer a chance to cash out, along with sweet prizes.

Those who wish to heed the call of the Crucible will have to play through the first act of the game before they can do so. At that point, an anonymous message will be sent to their in-game inboxes.

What’s also worth noting is the fact that Vigil Games’ anticipated sequel will include a New Game+ option, allowing interested folks to go through a second, third or fourth time with their discovered loot remaining intact.

Darksiders II will launch next Tuesday, August 14.