Time Is On Your Side In Final Fantasy XIII-2

Of all the odd ways players have used to travel between areas in generations of Final Fantasy games we’ve used boats that float in the sky, sea dragons, giant mutated chickens, ghostly trains, teleporting, “spirit transformation” and the unholy hybrid between an elephant and a giraffe. But not once in more than 25 years have we used time travel.

Those of you who have tried out the demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 have probably seen the giant glowing orbs of awesome dotted around the map. These are actually time gates, used to travel between time periods. But using the time gates aren’t that simple, as seen in a new trailer released by Square Enix today.

Have a look below.

Random thought, wouldn’t it be cool if this kind of mechanic was put together in some sort of crossover game so that featured the environments and characters of all the Final Fantasy games? Before you say anything, no, that wasn’t how Dissidia worked. Each hero was plucked from their own reality and placed into some sort of divine reality in a war with the deities of good and evil.

Okay, even I think I sounded like too much of a nerd there.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out on January 31.

What say you, gamers? Where’s the DeLorean?

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