Free Radical Was Developing TimeSplitters 2 HD In 2008

Free Radical Design co-founder Steve Ellis revealed in a new interview that the developer was working on an HD version of TimeSplitters 2 before Crytek acquired the company in 2009.

NotEnoughShaders asked the legendary developer if he would like to see high-definition versions of the TimeSplitters games and Second Sight released through XBLA, PSN, or Nintendo’s eShop. Ellis, who is currently the Managing Director at the mobile developer Crash Lab, responded:

“We had a “HD” downloadable version of TimeSplitters 2 in development at Free Radical in 2008. I don’t know what happened to that but yes, I’d love to see it released at some point. Maybe it could be the catalyst that is required in order to raise enough interest in TimeSplitters 4 that a publisher might want to fund it.”

TimeSplitters 2 (which launched in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox) is arguably the best game in the three-part franchise, so I’m not at all surprised to hear that Free Radical was working on an HD port before the company ran out of money.

Hopefully, Crytek will pick up where Free Radical left off and get this remake out to fans at some point. It may never result in TimeSplitters 4 being developed, but I’d be willing to bet that TimeSplitters 2 HD with online multiplayer would sell enough to turn a profit.

At the very least, it would make me one happy camper… Literally.

Source: NeoGAF